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A devil of a post, or, Clarity through turmoil

I realize that Lindsay over at 'Suburban Turmoil' doesn't need me to feed her readership, but I have to say that her latest post (latest at this writing) about the devil as seen from the eyes of a child through the eyes of a mature adult is just outstanding. Regardless of your theological underpinning (or lack of theological underpinning) the post is a great and provocative read.

I think C.S. Lewis would be proud, and that is high praise from me. Please don't think that Lindsay's column is now suddenly a religious or spiritual outposting. Her blog title speaks for itself. She closes the post:

At our own massive sanctuary, any evidence of The Devil has been carefully whitewashed and sanitized. We pretend we’re all next-door neighbors, even though most us have never met. Lucifer may be lurking somewhere outside, but if we sing loudly and smile brightly and keep our eyes shut during the prayer, we can probably keep him out until he gives up and heads for a smaller congregation.

What a comfort it is to know that the smartest and most sophisticated of us have managed to banish Satan from our lives, warding off his return with charitable donations to the Red Cross and Life is Good bumper stickers. And yet, sometimes I could swear I still catch a glimpse of the old Devil I used to know in the cocky stride of a local politician, in the tone of my gossipy girlfriends’ voices, and, fleetingly, in my own eyes when I look in the mirror.

Enough from me...go read THIS.

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