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The STAR-buck-SHIP has landed, or free coffee for me...

After months of watching the sign and the progress of the bricklayers, we finally have our neighborhood Starbucks . Yeah, most of us want a locally owned coffee-house, and yes, the 'Coffee Shop Pending' sign still hangs in the window down 5th (across from Germantown Cafe), but I'm beginning to think it's a tease like that girl I went out with in my junior year at Lipscomb College (it was a college then) a caffeine-scented siren unreachable unless your name is Ulysses or Fido, or something like that..

Anyway, the official opening of 'our' new Starbucks is today. Yesterday they had a 'quiet' opening for folks in the neighborhood and they were GIVING AWAY their normally overpriced coffee products. I managed to only have TWO lattes which may be why my counselor wanted to tether me to some rock last night before throwing the rock out the window. I can be chatty...but I certainly wasn't IraScible!!

For what it's worth, the new S'bucks is on the south end of MetroCenter on the corner of 8th and Dominican, a sliver of land that is technically in Salemtown, which is to say, SALEMTOWN BEAT GERMANTOWN in the coffee house sweepstakes, or to put it another way Naana Naana Boo Boo....

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