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Not that I really get to pick racial spokespeople..

As soon as I saw the first Youtube of Michael Richards racist outburst, I knew that Jesse Jackson would somehow enter stage left into the story. I really don't think anyone elected Jesse to be 'Jesse Jackson - racial spokesman' and I'm certainly not stupid enough to believe that all black folks think any one way about anything including who gets to be the self-proclaimed racial spokesman, but Jesse has somehow managed to maintain his lofty post for many many years. Personally, I think he's 'played' and a lot more interested in Jesse-promotion than much else, but then again, I don't have my own radio show.

If I was in charge of picking racial spokesperson for my race, I think I'd look in the blogger toolbox for an Abramson, a Coble, a 'B' or possibly Sarcastro. If I got a vote for African-American racial spokesperson, I would not vote for Jackson, or even Sharpton. I'd have to cast my ballot for a Dork....He's a lot more interesting.

My serious point is this: When something newsworthy happens to a white person that doesn't involve racial issues, there isn't a WHITE GUY or WHITE WOMAN that the media flocks to for an opinion. Why then, in a supposedly more enlightened era, does the media cling to the canard that a single black person speaks for his or her race? Isn't this just a thinly guised version of the 'all black people are ____________' (fill in the blank with your favorite stupid racial stereotype).

Speaking for me, I'd like to revive an old political slogan..Run, Jesse, Run...and keep running til the TV cameras can't find ya.

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