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You know what would taste good after all that turkey?...BARBECUE

Anybody up for some Mothership today, circa 12:30-1:00ish? MMMMMMMMM

Update: Well, what the lunch crowd lacked in quantity was more than made up in quality. The one and only Smiley showed up right when I pulled up. A person couldn't ask for a better lunch (and probably dinner) companion. Good times...

I managed to make it over to Grimey's after lunch and I picked up the new 'Hold Steady' CD which is most excellent. Following some really boring errands which left me in the midst of the greater Green Hills area, I was drinking coffee outside reading a book when I spotted Kat and Tim. Always good to be around the Kat...

Plus the weather today was like the Werewolf of London's hair when he sauntered into Trader Vic's - PERFECT!

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