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I heard the news today, oh boy, and I didn't understand a word, and somehow it didn't matter...

Major network newscasts have been losing viewers by the millions. I've got a solution that is guaranteed to boost ratings and gain that all important 12-year-old to 90-year-old male demographic. Her name is Melissa Theuriau and she reads the news for some French TV network.

It doesn't matter if we don't speak French. Really. She's on the TV, I'm watching. Here's a compilation of Melissa Theuriau's finest moments:

I love the fact that some guy took the time to compile these broadcasts and added a porn soundtrack what I imagine a porn soundtrack would sound like if I indeed had ever heard a porn soundtrack.

You put this woman on ABC or NBC and it'd be 'Katie' who?? She could be broadcasting the onset of World War III and I'd be sighing contentedly while ensuring that my digital video recorder was getting EVERY moment.

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