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Things I'm REALLY trying to be thankful for..

The guy who dropped off the state car that I picked up late Wednesday for my trip to Chattanooga next week. He left it empty. When you return a state car you are supposed to at least leave it 3/4ths full. He has no idea who I am and probably didn't think about it much. No big deal but it made me realize that my actions do affect other people in ways I don't realize.

The fact that one of the lenses in my prescription sunglasses popped out while I was walking down the marbled halls at work. It helps me remember that stupid things happen to me that don't SEEM to happen to others making me somewhat unique. Also thankful that nobody in those marbled echoing halls seem to mind when I said SHIT quite loudly (based on the amount of laughter involved).

Thanks for the guy on I-440 I let in front of me who didn't give me 'the wave' showing his gratitude. Helps me remember to say thank you to all those folks that make life better for me.

Thanks to that doc who accidentally hit a blood vessel during a routine biopsy causing me to lose a lot of blood and land in the intensive care unit at Baptist a few weeks ago. Life is precious and you tend to really remember that when you are heading the 'other' way.

Thanks to my counselor for describing me as somewhat irascible (counselor talk for somewhat asshole-ish). The appellation stung, but that's what happens when you ask for the truth.

Thanks for the mediocre sushi at a certain place downtown (not Sam's or Koto's). Makes me appreciate Samurai Sushi that much more.

Thanks for the worst spinach pie ever at a certain Greek-ish joint downtown. Made me appreciate 'The Greek Touch' (in the arcade) spinach pie all that much more.

Thanks to CBS for cancelling 'Joan of Arcadia' last year. It was the one show that 'got' it about how we are asked to do things for reasons we can't understand and how it all makes sense, even if that 'sense' is pretty damn painful. Actually I'm not thankful at all they cancelled that show. But, I am thankful for a brief shining moment, we had that show.

I'm also thankful for all those folks NOT reading this blog today...means you're doing something far more important!

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