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Marriages by Rob, or Angst in my pants, or Keeping the Liberal Sparks out of Marriage

Testimonials for 'The Right Way to Meet'

Jane L. in Wichita - "I had angst about my left-leaning boyfriend. I loved his manner and I adored his face, but Thank God for Rob's book. Our marriage would have been more strained than Thanksgiving dinner at the Goldman's house if O.J. showed up"

Ronnie B. in Belleville, Illinois - "My fiance mentioned that her favorite movie was 'The Birdcage' with that fag gay freak Nathan Lane. If I hadn't read Rob's guide to the right way to marry, I would've ended up promoting the homosexual agenda. THANK YOU, Rob.

Ramona L. in Hot Springs, Arkansas - 'Some people may call it over-reaching and odd, but I'm grateful that Rob has 'called out' the misguided marriages based solely on love, when the Damocles sword of political differences lowers itself nightly over the marital bed'

Yes friends, Rob may be 'Voluntarily Conservative', but he wants to move beyond traditional boundaries of taste and grace. He wants to save YOU from marrying a liberal and he won't stop just because it's none of his business.

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