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Ooops he did it again, or Bush shows no intelligent design in selecting new Federal Family Planning chief

What would you think if the President nominated O.J. Simpson to head the President's Council for Physical Fitness and Sports? Yeah, he was quite fit back in the day, and he probably knows a lot about exercise, but wouldn't it seem a little tasteless?

What would the Second Amendment folks say if Sarah Brady was named Attorney General of the United States?

What would you say if the President named this guy to head the Federal Family Planning Program and this guy felt that the distribution of contraceptives is "demeaning to women."? What if this guy firmly believed the canard that abortion* is linked to an increase in breast cancer, even if every CREDIBLE epidemiological study denied the link?

Well, the Prez apparently has already forgotten the election results and his pledge to work with the opposition. Eric Keroack, the nominee to head Family Planning runs something called 'A Woman's Concern' which is a pregnancy counseling center that promotes alternatives to abortion, including the misinformation that abortion is linked to breast cancer.

I've certainly got nothing against the place, but I have a HUGE problem when the head of this kind of religious organization is asked to run a federal program that theoretically espouses birth control and is intended to serve ALL Americans whether or not they hold Christian values.

Read 'The Woman's Concern' FAQ on sex. I certainly understand abstinence as a philosophy. Extrapolating that philosophy into a federal program is certainly a goal of the evangelical right, but it is only a small part of the complete mission of the Family Planning program.

*This should not be construed as an endorsement of abortion or a missive against abortion. I AM totally against misrepresenting science in the guise of counseling.

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