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They ginned Rummy, or, not better late than never..

I gotta wonder how many G.O.P candidates who lost last night wish that Rummy had been given the 'here's your hat, what's your hurry' bump out the door about 60-90 days earlier than the day AFTER the election.

I'm in a minority, I think. I never supported the Iraqi war. I totally supported the Afghanistan war. The point is really NOT about me. The point is that I think most people supported the war in its inception and conception. The opposition that helped sweep the Dems into control was the EXECUTION of the post-Saddam conflict. The majority of folks think the Bush 'stay the course until recently' plan stunk. It clearly hasn't been working and things are getting worse. Bush proudly proclaimed his support for Rummy, Cheney and the war over and over. His intransigence was his downfall.

What was the 'most bestest' symbol of Bush's stubbornness? RUMSFELD! Take Rumsfeld out of the equation months ago, and admit that things weren't going well (at least WELL before the election as opposed to a last minute hail mary sign of desperation) and actually CHANGE the course would have saved the day for the GOP.

At least Bush waited until the day after to show Rummy the gate, proving the move was not political. My question is, why the heck did he wait so long, and I'm betting that there are a lot of out-of-work congressman and senators who are asking that same question, probably with a little more bitterness.

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