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I'm John Hutcheson and I don't approve of your damn ads

I've long been a political junkie especially when it comes to elections. When others gripe about political ad overload, I've smirked in their general di-rection, because I have the stamina to burst through election day, all the way into the mother lode of returns precinct by precinct. Until this year that is...

I cannot begin to express how sick I am of the Corker v. Ford campaign. Corker knows that Ford doesn't peddle abortion pills to school children. Ford knows that the illegal immigrants supposedly part of Corker's work force were buried deep in a sub-contract. Corker early on promised not to bring Ford's family into the fray, but when the going got tough, guess what. None of this is to say that either side approaches the angels on these issues, as much as each of them would like to proclaim their godliness.

Did you know that the United States is ranked 32nd in the world in infant mortality? Didn't hear much about that in the campaign did ya?

An estimated 2 million babies die within their first 24 hours each year worldwide and the United States has the second worst newborn mortality rate in the developed world, according to a new report.

Did you know that over 46 MILLION American citizens are not covered by health insurance? Did you know that despite this lack of coverage these people still get sick, many critically so? Do you know who pays for their visits to the emergency room? I missed any scintilla of serious discussion on this issue.

The RNCC is happy to explain how Ford once went to a party sponsored by Playboy. Ford is more than eager to belittle Corker's integrity on vague 'tax' problems. Thanks, but no thanks.

Oh sure, they say they are the RIGHT person, but any semblance of a serious plan for any serious issue is as rare as a White House staffer who admits they talked regularly with Ted Haggard.

Did you know that Corker ran over 12,000 freaking ads this year? I don't know how many Ford ran, but as i remarked elsewhere, I don't feel that my dreams are complete until one of the two candidates approve.

For once I'll be glad the political campaign is over. One of the guys will obviously win, but in my mind, we've already lost.

Lunch update - 11/06 - Imagine my surprise when I checked the comment section for this post - a Mr. Douglas Johnson from the National Right to Life Committee responded to a post decrying the state of political advertising in the Ford v Corker campaign with...A POLITICAL AD of his own.

I was not trying to say that Ford was pro-life or pro-choice. The intent of my semi-rant was to complain about the shallow issue-avoiding nature of the political advertising in said campaign.

Obviously Mr. Johnson was googling blogs that mentioned Ford and anything about abortion because I can't imagine him wasting his boilerplate material on a back-water blog like mine.

I would like to ask Mr. Johnson the same question I ask Pro-Lifers everywhere: Since you are so concerned with the life of the child from conception to birth, would you stand with me (and many others) in requesting more funding for the WIC program, and in researching why our infant mortality rate in the US is worse than some third world countries? Or, do you only care under the baby POPS???

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