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Signs of the apocolypse, or, Alex, the question is 'turn on the juice'..

I thought someone was kidding when I read that the murderous O.J. Simpson was doing a book about how he WOULD have killed Nicole if indeed he HAD killed Nicole. From what I'm reading, it's not a joke. Even 'better', the Fox TV folks are gonna air a two-part special based on O.J.'s yarn-spinning. Considering that Fox continues to air Bill O' Reilly, and once aired a show called Temptation Island which honest-to-God tried to entice contestants to commit adultery, I shouldn't be surprised.

My request to Fox is that they mash-up the Simpson special with another show called "Let's give Fred Goldman a gun and see what he does with it after watching part I of the Simpson show". I'd definitely watch THAT show.

On Bob Dylan's surprisingly good XM radio show, he once quipped that he gave his mother-in-law a chair for her birthday, but she refused to turn it on. Maybe we could all chip in and get that chair for O.J.

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