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A rose is a Rose, or, a Rose by any other name would still generalize

Is there NOT another blogger in town besides Mark Rose who attempts to contribute to 'Tennessee Voices" (formerly known as Nashville Eye) which is the Tennesseean's citizen op-ed column? Today Rose refutes the argument that we Tennesseans are a bunch of racist louts for not electing Ford. I don't really disagree with his basic premise, but he did manage to sneak in one of his: "ALL LIBERALS" are _______________, or 'ALL LIBERALS' think ___________. In this case, all liberals saw the election results on racial terms.

First of all, Mark Rose doesn't know ALL liberals. I"m sure he's met a couple in his life, and maybe they live up to his straw-man concept of progressivism, but I am so damn sick of being told that 'all ANYBODY' is any one thing. Liberals generally don't agree on much of anything.

It's kind of like saying that all conservatives love Jesus. Hey, I've met Smantix and I know better!

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