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Bizarro day - Eagles are turkeys, Titans soar..

We started out the day with an anti-brunch - breakfast at the wonderful Hermitage Cafe down on Hermitage Avenue. Pretentious, it is not. Clean seat upholstry, it has not. Healthy food...NOT. If you want a real breakfast, replete with lard-based biscuits with gravy, real corn beef hash, eggs served pretty much whatever way you want and loads of other artery-clogging victuals, not to mention a wide variety of customers, Hermitage Cafe is your place.

I got home just in time to see most of the Titan's game. I realize I will probably jinx our team, but overall the Titans are playing the way I expected the Eagles to play and the Eagles have landed in the Titan-zone. Still most of the 4th quarter to go, but the Titans are unbelievably ahead 24-6 thanks to Travis Henry, Vince Y. and the punt return stylings of Pacman 'it's all about me' Jones, not to mention some excellent defense from a bunch of guys who heretofore couldn't stop the Temple Owls.

I hope that bizarro day turns into normality tonight when we head down to Sam and Lynnette's for The Story. I'd hate to find out that we are really supposed to DIS-like our neighbors. I'm rather fond of em'.

Bizarro Titans Update: Randy Stark to Keith Bullock for a touchdown..just when i think i've seen it all...Titans are gonna win this one!

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