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A new me, or, Irascibility tiled

The other day, Kathy T. included me in her wonderful 'wrinkle' series. I warned her in advance and apologized afterwards that the series would take a downward spiral when and if I was included, especially since a PICTURE was involved. Well, I've borrowed that picture from her, and I do believe that I've improved it greatly. Thanks to some internet surfing starting with Chez Bez to The Red-Headed Editor to Ripple Me This....I found the Image Mosaic Generator...behold!

There are literally hundreds of small photos mosaically designed to pull together my face. Not sure it was worth the effort, but really a lot of fun to play with..Hint, click on picture and then embiggen the pic, and if you see the GIANT-SIZED pic of me, I'm not so easy to make out, but the hundreds, yea, thousands of pictures that make up my head are visible.

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