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All in the family...what movie are we gonna see

I said it recently and I'll say it again..Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We get someone else to cook the turkey (Bro's on Charlotte - a MEAN deep-fried turkey) and my mom cooks the veggies (she's a pretty 'mean' cook herself) and my sister and her family come from St. Louis. My sister (and family) are ardent Republican-types. My mother is a Fox-News-loving Republican-type which leaves my family as the odd-ball Demo-types. We learned several years ago that we can have a wonderful, warm, loving thanksgiving if a certain someone shuts the hell up about politics (that someone would be me).

If we omit George Bush, Iraq, Fox News, progressive income tax and the death tax from the dinner conversation, all goes swimmingly. In fact, the only controversy swirling these past few Thanksgivings is the Friday after Thanksgiving movie choice..

It's getting harder and harder to satisfy teenagers, grandmother, and four theoretically adult types AND come up with a movie that everyone hasn't seen. This year we had to split up. The grown-ups went to see 'Queen' and the kids went to see James Bond. Needless to say, I totally enjoyed Casino Royale.

I really thought the Bond franchise was moribund, but these guys brought it back to life. Two thumbs WAY up.

Not to mention, the two thumbs up for Thanksgiving and family and all that sappy stuff.

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