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I say civil, you say sectarian, I say Rumsfeld, you say all Iraqis are contrarians..

I would say that I'm enjoy the debate and fingerpointing going on in pundit-world and politico-world about whether or not Iraq is in the midst of a civil war and just exactly who is to blame for the mess over there.

I would be enjoying this, like I said, except the last two months of the war have been the deadliest for Iraqi civilians yet. The latest place to point the finger is towards those darn Iraqis because they just don't seem to want to do what they have to do to foster a democracy.

The neo-cons are blaming the generals. The generals are blaming Rumsfeld. I don't know who Rumsfeld is going to blame, but I suggest that he spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror each day.

And, American soldiers continue to die. Lotsa blame to go around. Me, I gotta believe the buck stops at the top. I firmly believe that this President will be remembered for making one of the worst foreign policy mistakes in our history. I also believe that hating the President is useless and polarizing.

Mostly I believe that the finger pointing needs to move towards pointing towards a way to get us out of Iraq. Our soldiers have done a good job there, but our policy has been a clear and utter disaster.

After the election was over, and the country delivered what seems to be a clear mandate against this war and the way it has been waged, it feels like we all kind of relaxed and retreated into a cocoon of belief that we had accomplished something and were now ready to move on to the next issue. We got a good start at least, in delivering a message to the President and his administration, but I believe we need to keep the hammer down and not rest on our ephemeral laurels.

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