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New ending for the Titan-ic...

Wow! Vince Young could probably be elected mayor after today's performance or maybe co-mayor. How often have the Titans scored 24 points in one quarter? That would be NEvER until today. Thanks to a couple of giant Giant bungles, the predatory Titans led by Vince 'hopefully forever' Young pulled a rabbit, a moose, and several miracles out of his hat this evening to lead our team to one of the more improbable victories of this and any other year.

It was a tale of two halves. First half, the Titans were bungle in the jungle, fumbling their way to what looked like a blow-out. Somehow, Young decided to channel his mentor McNair in the second half to pretty much carry the team on his Bunyonesque shoulders. Pacman took a couple of big steps towards redemption with two big interceptions followed by some rather arabesque-type maneuvers.

Young found his own Mason, namely Bobby Wade. He already had a 'Wycheck', Bo Scaife, former teammate from Texas. But, Young discovered something even more important...if you lead, the team will follow. Young will still make rookie mistakes and the team might not win many more games this year, but for the second time in two weeks, there is a very large, rather odd-throwing light at the end of the tunnel....

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