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Holy cats, is ZICAM really legal?

Thanks to all the well-wishers responding to yesterday's 'poor poor pitiful me' I'm feeling like crap entry. I want to especially thank the amazing Ceeelcee for his ZICAM recommendation. I've got some serious suspicions that there has to be some magic, possibly illegal ingredient in this stuff, because man alive, it was a dose of the Dr. Feelgood.

To all the folks at DEA who may be scanning this blog thanks to earlier activity by some people possibly related to this author who really aren't doing that kind of thing anymore, REALLY, I seriously don't think there are illegal ingredients in ZICAM. Based on the rapid response to ZICAM's apparently magical qualities, you gotta wonder though.

I've always been a big proponent of the 'breathing thing'. Dear friends, thanks to CLC and ZICAM, there is visible respiration.*..

* This is not a paid celebrity endorsement. I'm not a celebrity, nor did I receive any renumeration for this testimonial, dear friends. CLC is actually a celebrity of sorts, but he swears he didn't get any moolah either.

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