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Holy 60 yard field goal, Batman, or, One little, two little Mannings

I can't believe what I just saw. The greatest understatement of this season might be 'Vince Young is learning on the job'. I've seen telescopic growth over his brief starting career. It's like Vince has totally absorbed the lessons of his mentor, Steve McNair, and put them into action in less than half the time it took McNair to really figure it all out.

I didn't believe the Titans could win this game, because I didn't believe they could stop the elder Manning. I am going to quit saying the phrase 'I don't believe' in conjunction with the Titans. Years from now, barring injury to Young, we're going to look back at these last two games and bear witness to the fact that a franchise was rebuilt, largely on the shoulders on one man.

Welcome to the Vince Young years...The McNair 2.0 model HAS ARRIVED!

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