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December 7th - A study in contrasts

On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese made a great and grave mistake by waking up a sleeping giant when they attacked Pearl Harbor. Our country had no choice but to awaken, declare war and begin the path to a victory that thwarted the spread of fascism and the murder of millions of people who didn't quite make it up to the Aryan standard.

On December 7th, 2006, as the pundits peruse the 'Baker report', and the White House spins the contents, we need to wake up to the fact that 11 Americans died yesterday in Iraq, and that this war is quite possibly the biggest foreign policy mistake in our lifetimes, if not a myriad of lifetimes. Flawed in it's ramp-up, disasterous in post-war execution, we have done nothing but destablize a region that was teetering at best.

Mr. President, can you look the families of those 11 soldiers in the eye and tell them just exactly why they had to die? Yeah, you can spin and churn, but the truth is, thousands of lives, both Iraqis and American, have been lost with little to show.

Violence is worse in Iraq than when we arrived. You can call it sectarian, you can call it civil war, but the truth is, what we are doing is not working, and we need to get out.

The election was a clear vote of no-confidence in your failed war policy, President Bush. My prayer is that this anniversary of a horrible awakening will completely wake this administration up to the horror they have wrought.

Mr. President..it's time to go.

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