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And you thought that Hi-Fidelity Musical idea was bad, but, what crazy monkey thought of this one...

Among the top five stupid ideas of the year was turning the wonderful book 'High Fidelity' into a musical. I was really glad to hear that it is pretty much a failure (if the words - top five ideas for a musical that never should have been made - are any indication).

But..that idea is an absolute piker in the world of bad ideas when it comes to this..

JESUS! And I'm not saying that in a blasphemous way..He is the proposed star of a new romantic comedy TV series....seems JC has come back and is working in an IKEA store in Los Angeles and sorta hooks up with a single working woman. There are SOOOO many things wrong with this..First of all..LA..NO WAY.

Seriously, in the world of ideas pretty much certain to offend millions of people, this one is pretty much in Michael Richards/Mel Gibson/Chistmas Shoes territory....

This kinda sounds like a bad skit on Studio 60, but I'm not even sure it rises to that level.

Maybe the pundit was right.....you put a roomful of crazy monkeys together...give em' typewriters/computers and they DID come up with something...so to speak. Sheeeesh

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