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The OCE Variopoint 2110 copier will probably do windows, but only if it's fed, or, If I had a hammer...

I wanted to show you the fine state of affairs we have come to in our office with our favorite new HAL machine. We actually have a sign made to commemorate when the damn machine is actually working..

So, the sign was on this morning and the machine was humming along and probably sending secret cables to the auditors and networking with the 700 Club or something, and then I go to our Christmas lunch where we played 'Dirty Santa'. I scored some premium quality chocolate orange candy, which is a far sight better than the rock singer tongue air freshener I brought to the table.

I get back to the office and what do I see...

This guy was there and nobody saw him leave. I think that the OCE Variopoint 2110 was hungry. Nothing like a little shop of copiers....

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