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Whoooohooooo, I'm TIME magazine's MAN of the YEAR!!

ok..you and you, and yes YOU, are as well. Time has totally jumped the shark or whatever it is that magazines do when they flail into dumbness. Anyone who uses a computer, pretty much, is Time Magazine's 'man' of the year. I agree with Roger A. - if you're going to do something this lame, why bother.

Usually by the time Time uses a slang word, like bling for instance, it is SO PLAYED and lame..kinda like when your parents tried to use slang in one of their 'you're an idiot but I love you speeches'* and they wanted to 'connect'. Waiting until 2006 to figure out that bloggers and YouTubers and Web 2.0 are 'happening' is, in a word, sad. My message to you, old TIMERS behind this choice - in the words of Blogger so often when I try to post a picture: "You've timed out"...

But, after being inspired by Roger's post to write this, I'm thinking, who better for 'MAN of the YEAR' but this guy...

I mean, he has saved us, and the world, at least 5 or 6 times.

*I surely can't be alone in the receipt of the 'you're an idiot but we love you speeches'. My mom once used 'HEY NOW'(this usage WAY pre-dates the Larry Sanders show, but is said in a sing-song way that my mother JUST BUTCHERED) in a 'speech' and I nearly collapsed in laughter. She pretty much left off the 'we love you' portion of the lecture at this point.

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