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Just on principle, Merril Hoge is still an idiot, or Finnegan left pursuit in wake..

This game today will certainly not be a part of any defense for the value of Vince Jones to the Titans. He made several bonehead plays, including one made-for-head-scratching pass towards the end that literally could have given the game away...

But, it was a day of defense. For every bad thing you can say about the Titan's offense today, there is an equally wonderful observation one can say about the defense. My long-held dream for a Number 31 jersey (Cortland Finnegan - defensive back) to be sold to the general public may be coming closer to fruition. Ahhhhhhh..Finnegan. Whatta play he made, picking up a fumble and running it back for what seemed like 90 yards for a touchdown.

And Pac, oh Pac...if you were as much a wonder off the field as on, you might be the B'nai B'rith man of the year...oy vey, whatta game Pac played.

Kudos to the defense...sadly, Merril Hoge's continued campaign against Vince gained ground today...but it doesn't really matter...TITANS WIN, TITANS WIN, TITANS WIN!!

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