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Dinner in the Zone - Lynnzone...

I'm lucky to be conscious right now, because if Lynn (Lynnster, not my wife Lynn) had done to my friend Phil and me what we deserved, we would have been bludgeoned with whatever blunt object that Lynn could get her hands on. We didn't say rude things (at least about Lynn) and we weren't cads...we just talked and talked and talked, and I'm sure that Lynn would have LIKED to get in a word edgewise, but no time for that kind of thing.

My friend Phil and I worked together on a data installation project in Memphis many years ago, and there are certain indelible stories that emerged from those years...stories that improve with the re-telling, and re-telling we did.

I did enjoy myself...Lynnster and Phil are great company, but next time I promise to bring a roll of duct tape and let Lynn tape my logorrheic orifice after I ask her a few pertinent questions. I promise her a period of no less than 10 minutes for her to spout, rant, rave, converse, discuss or cuss any which way she wants it....she deserves no less.

btw..Lynn is at least 2.5 times better looking in person than in her blog picture, and she is every bit as friendly as you would imagine reading her blog. Phil, on the other hand, needs to leave his picture completely off the internet (o;

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