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Peep THIS!

I made it to 25 Peeps. I probably won't last long considering that I'm missing two key assets....

Take a look - and you better move fast!


My picture is courtesy of Wonderdawg and his thumb!

Update: Thursday, December 28th..I'm about to be un-peeeeped! It was fun while it lasted!

Update: Friday, the 29th (AM): Reprieve from the governor, I'm off the chopping block for now. Well, actually the governor probably has better things to do like picking a new commissioner for my department, but thanks to someone(s) out there, I'm alive...despite some obvious shortcomings in comparison to those around me.

Update: Friday, the 29th (PM): Lunchtime check...I'm peeped no longer. It was a good four day run. Neither ripped nor breasted, I did my best.

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