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3,000 is more than just a number

Back when the American death toll in Iraq was about to reach 2,000, there were some folks who seemed almost happy that we were about to reach a milestone because it would bring more publicity to the fact that this war was not a just war, and not a war we should have fought. I felt then and I feel now that using the number 2,000 for anti-war purposes was not much higher in the moral rankings than actually perpetuating this war. These are PEOPLE who are dying. These are our brothers and sisters and uncles and cousins and nephews and nieces who are dying, and who are being maimed.

I am in the camp that believes that this was an ill-conceived and wrong-headed war, and yes I know that Saddam was evil and in fact, good damn riddance, but this war has not given any central government control of the violence and has in fact led to a protracted splintered weak Iraq.

We've now reached 3,000 deaths and I'm glad to say that this milestone has not been so trivialized and symbolized. We continue to lose too many people to this ill-begotten war. The American people spoke clearly in the recent election about this war.

The President can surge and ebb and flow all he wants to, but the fact that these are not just numbers we are losing. America wants this war to end, but somehow I feel that the election was our big-ditch effort in our end-the-war campaign. 3,000 is a lot more than a number, but it should be a reminder that this war is not yet over.

Our representatives may need to be reminded and nearly deafened by what we said in that election.

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