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Two unrelated football notes..

I would put these on the Staggering Prophets, but they've switched to Blogger 'Beta' and I refuse to follow suit.

1) Coach Jeff Fisher should be the NFL coach of the year. Show me any other coach that has done what he has with similar talent including a lot of young players (and of course the ever-dynamic YOUNG player). I don't think it's even close this year.

2) I'm heading to Alabama for the New Years with some long-time friends. While I'm down there I'm thinking about suggesting that the 'Tide' hire Rex L. Camino to fill their way-too-long head coaching vacancy. His creativity, slyness and humor would go a long way in the washing-themselves-of-the-Shula-full-boring-routine-offense. Also, for line coach I'm suggesting Glen Dean. You don't need the zany folks to keep the line in check. Dean would be a solid steady choice.

Let's go Titans, and Happy NEW YEAR!

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