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I'd be a lot more scared if Rush was under my bed...

except he might leave behind a few Oxy pills...

This recently published children's book Liberals under the bed is not a joke.

Doesn't anybody on the right understand the term 'civil discourse'? No remorse about demonizing people who are not like 'we are'?

I realize there are many sensible rational conservatives out there, but hey, do you thoughtful conservatives realize your movement is being taking over by idealogues who think true morality rests in creating graven images of the 10 Commandments and foisting them on government property?

You want a real MORAL issue?

Do you realize that the good old USA has only the 19th best infant mortality rate in the world (way below Cuba's rate for God's sake)? We spent nearly $4,000 per person per year in health care costs (double the rate of the highest spending western european country) and we can't do any better than 19th??

I think liberals, libertarians, conservatives, socialists and zoroasterins all should be concerned about that statistic and maybe not worry so much about bogeymen under our beds.

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