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Yep, Senator Frist is running for Pres...

According to MSNBC, Frist is touting that 'Intelligent Design' be taught to school children as an antidote (my wording) to evolution. Personally, I think if there was intelligent design, there wouldn't be a designated hitter in baseball and McDonalds would only serve coffee and french fries.

I believe in God and I certainly think He/She was smart enough to come up with evolution, but belief in God is not science. Belief is faith. Science can co-exist with religion, but science is about hypothesis, thesis and antithesis and evolving truth. Organized religion has always had trouble with scientific theory when it got in the way of perceived truth: Galileo, Watson & Crick and Copernicus come to mind.

You can't test intelligent design. If you can't test it, it ain't science.

The best response to this intelligent design stuff is in the current edition of The Onion. Check it out!

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