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Music for a rainy Sunday afternoon

You've read the paper and you can't take anymore bushbast. You know you SHOULD go out and do something approximating exercise, but, oh DARN, it's raining.

If there were such a thing as musical intelligient design there would be certain songs, certain artists and certain sounds that were created for a rainy Sunday afternoon. My current favorite is a Annie Lennox sounding song by 46Bliss (In a Long Time).

I don't want to be mellowed into mush and I don't want AC/DC pounding my cerebellum (what little bellum is left). I do want to drift and not have to think too much.

5 other bands/songs that fit the bill:

5. Zero7 - Particularly the Simple Life CD

4. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (accoustic, somewhat dark and wonderfully haunting)

3. Josh Rouse - Nebraska (what is it about that state?)

2. Patty Griffin - 1,000 Kisses

1. The high-priestess of rainy Sunday afternoons (and actually any day that contains the letter 'Y) is Billie Holiday. If you don't own any B. Holiday, rain is no excuse. Go to Grimey's or Tower, NOW.

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