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All the news that's waste to print

Somehow, I missed the section of this morning's Tennessean that carried the article about last night's Metro Water's meeting about the plans to reconstruct the waste treatment plant and contain the nefarious odor that plagues the Salemtown and Germantown and I'm sure other North Nashville neighborhoods. Channel 2 covered the event, but I don't think there was any other media present (give or take a blogger or two).

Considering the magnitude of the project ($130,000,000) and the fact that the Tennessean promoted the meeting in last week's North Nashville section, I was surprised by the lack of coverage.

On another wasteful note, today's Tennessean DOES have an article on the resignation of Chace 'Stomper' Anderson the head of the Solid Waste Program divsion of Nashville's Public Works. Under Anderson's helm 8,000 requests from home owners for extra trash cans have been on hold for more than three months.

Perhaps Liz Garrigan (editor of the Nashville Scene) will mourn the loss of Anderson from the local scene. I suspect few others will join her.

Addendum: 5:00 PM on 8/24/05: City Paper must have had a reporter had the 'water show' last night because they carried a front page article today on the meeting. Reporter Craig Boerner was a little more excited about the prospects of the Water Treatment plant being able to sell the pellet by-product produced by the new biosolid process than most of the S-town and G-town residents.

Second addendum: As usual, Enclave really covered the waterfront on last night's meeting in today's post. Kudos to Michael on a good thorough write-up.

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