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More fun with 1618

After having so much fun with 1618 6th Avenue North both here, Enclave and Moocow's, I thought we should take a look at the actual lot showcased by Crye-Lieke's interesting semi-fictional webpage.

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture (taken using my phone, lol), but I'm thinking the quality of the picture pretty much goes along with the quality of the lot, especially since the house that Crye-Lieke is proposing will be built on 1/2 of this lot.

The sylvan forest pictured in one of the promo shots in reality is my back fence and a few scrubby trees. I'm still wondering about how this property is going to be gated. Will the new gate be covered with concertina wire? Considering the misrepresentation going on in the above linked ad, the gate may be nothing more than a garden variety wooden gate.

I'll ask the question again that I've asked in an earlier post: Has Crye-Lieke actually sold anything in Salemtown other than a few hopes and pipe dreams to some wishful-thinking homeowners?

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