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Jesus walks

Kanye West, the author of the song in the title line of this post, got a little carried away last night on the NBC fund-raiser. Several bloggers, notably Sharon Cobb, pointed out that his 'Bush doesn't like black folks' comment was somewhat self-serving and at the least counter-productive to the purpose of the show. Of course, Kanye is the guy who in the aformentioned song stated that he 'needs Jesus like Kathy Lee needs Regis' (where's that rhyming dictionary when you need it!?).

I don't think Kanye's statement was any dumber than President Bush's blooper that 'I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees', HUH?? Baghdad Bob couldn't have said it better.

When those of us trapped in our earthen vessels start bleating, pontificating, and postulating without examinining deeply what we are yakking about, our words rattle and stumble (Dylan called it 'Idiot Wind'). Most of us don't have a national stage upon which to blather.

The real point here is our Jesus walk is through our thoughtful actions and prayers. Jesus didn't need to announce that HE would be bringing papyrus copies of the Psalms to the stricken..He brought the word, and the word included comforting and feeding the afflicted. It is a dangerous game, though played by millions of 'WWJD' wristbanders, to try to predict specifically what Jesus would do in any situation, but I'm going to guess that it wouldn't have taken Him 4 days to find those folks in the convention center.

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