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Cue James Brown - 'Living in America' (Salemtown - the REAL America)

Today in the City Paper, reporter William Williams discusses the 'Garfield Place' project. I didn't realize that we denizens of Salemtown live in the 'REAL' America, while the gentry of Germantown apparently reside and frolic in some faux America.

I'm not sure that 'we' are being complimented here because Williams vision of real America apparently contains small asbestos-siding homes built for the working class, along with 'run-down, outdated and/or ugly' housing.

I guess that we in Salemtown should be thrilled to be rescued from squalor by the construction of the Garfield Place property. If only the Mellons (Garfield Place developers) could come up with some type of spray that would ameliorate the odors regularly emanating from the nearby Metro Waste Water facility. Then we could all rejoice.

The coda to Mr. Williams piece is that the Mellons have been contacted by many property owners hoping to SELL their property presumably wishing to cash in on the coming grandeur of Garfield Place. Gee, I wonder if Terry R. from our fiends, friends at Crye-Lieke could be behind any of this? What is left UNSAID is how many people are crying out for purchase in Garfield Place..

In Mr. Williams favor, at least he knows there IS a Salemtown and that we are NOT backyard burghers of Germantown. I'll give him points for that.

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