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More songs about buildings and food - 5th and Garfield revisited

Well, the sign is up and I'm glad to say that there is no mention of Crye-Lieke, and in fact the realtors are the folks from Village (so far, so good). Three story brownstones with 10 total units, with pricing from $199,000 for approximately 900 sq. ft. and $399,900 for a little over 2000 sq. ft., with the ground floor reserved for retail/office space (another possibity for COFFEE HOUSE!!??).

The website promises gated off-street parking for office and flat owners. I guess it was just a matter of time before there was Salem-gating. I'm not a gate-fan, but I guess for these prices, the cars in the gated parking lot will be a little more pricey than ours.

Am I naive to think that the high end prices (like those up the street for Garfield Place) are still a little much for the neighborhood? Of course, if Morgan Park Place is successful, we can expect more prices like these around here for new development.

I was hoping that there would be more flats (and more space in those flats) with the circa $200,000 pricetag. Developer Bill Eason (who built our house) is still managing to build attractive spacious homes and offer them for not much more than $200,000. I wish there was a way that more developers could build in this price range, but with the inflationary Crye-Lieke offers proliferating in the neighborhood, the $200,000 pricetag may be as extinct as good taste on the Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston reality show.

The design is pleasant, and compatible with the 'New Urbanism' exhibited down the street in Morgan Park Place, but I have to say I'm a lot more excited about the Morgan Park design.

Nonetheless, maybe this project will lift us from the 'squalor' of Salemtown as described in yesterday's City Paper...

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