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Take that name and MAP it....

Courtesy of Clicked, I found this great new mash-up called Wikimapia using Google Earth where you can identify buildings, parks, monuments, etc. and YOU get to name them (if somebody hasn't already early-birded their way to that spot).

The major rule is to name something that would be of interest to others. Naming your house (which like a major dork I was about to do), is specifically verboten (they have spelled out the verboten in the pop-up box where you get to name and describe your map-point). You also have a chance to write a short description of the item you are naming.

I managed to give Morgan Park, Werthan Bag and Cordell Hull Building (where I work, but it really is interesting for reasons other than THAT!) 'their names', along with adding one of my favorite chestnuts in the description of Cordell Hull Building: 'How many people work in this building? About half'.

One downside of letting the hoi polloi do their own a la cartology is that people can get things wrong. Unless I am really skewed, St. Mary's Cathedral in downtown Nashville isn't on Church Street. Somebody really needs to repent for that one...

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