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Stop, you're killing me..no, really..stop

Speaker of the House Hastert on defending our nation's borders:

"I always say if we can protect Iraq's borders against Syria and, you know, Jordan, and everyplace else, Iran, we can protect our own borders," he said.

Meanwhile back on planet earth..from a BBC reporter reporting FROM Iraq's border:

the task is vast.

The border that rings Iraq is 3,650 kilometres long; most of it as porous as the sand on which it's drawn....

the challenge is enormous.

Last Wednesday, a joint unit of US Special Forces, Ukrainian troops and Iraqi police challenged a group of more than seventy insurgents in the Wasit province, who they suspected of crossing from Iran.

In the fierce shoot-out that followed, 35 insurgents died, along with seven Iraqi police.

Nobody knows how many others have made it through without detection.

But they seem to be well armed and committed fighters.

This from Daniel Drezner - self-described Republican libertarian:

U.S. forces have described border towns in the area as a funnel for foreign fighters, arms and money into Iraq from Syria.

Ya know, after a while, you begin to wonder if some of these apologists are just freakin' insane, or that their Kool-Aid is spiked with, well, the political equivalent of spanish fly.

If we defend our boders from the 'mecksicun hordes' as well as the Iraqi border is defended, cilantro will soon be the national herb, and our soccer will improve exponentially....(and maybe, Jimmy Smits WILL be elected president)

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