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99.9% of all light-skinned Biblical action figures are sold to racists, the dark-skinned figures are sold to the merely prejudiced, or, Good Grief

You have to see THIS to believe it. The 'Train Up a Child Inc.' group has created two sets of biblical action figures..one dark-skinned and one light-skinned. Are they taking the 'own personal Jesus' a little too far, perhaps re-working the lyrics of the song a bit...?

'someone who sets you free, someone who looks like me, even tho I'm white as i can be, reach out and touch race''

Are they expectin' the kids to play Biblical-Action-Figure Survivor? Do they want the kids to have 'black-Jesus' vs. 'white-Jesus' steel-cage action-figure wrasslin' matches? Are we going to get the 'red' set and the 'yellow' set so that the 'Jesus Loves the Little Children' collector set can be complete?

I will say that the black Job looks more pissed than the white Job..You gotta figure that black Job had it a LOT worse!

More than a hat tip or fist tap: This, once again, was glommed from the wonderful mind of Palancheq. I probably should just quit posting and have a link pointing to her blog. She's really funny, clever, and apparently spends WAY too much time finding odd things for sale on the internet, plus she's a provocateur.

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