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Shout out to my Senator, or, when they do an autopsy on this session of congress they'll have trouble finding the heart...

Just wanted to say thanks to Senator Frist and his party-mates for not extending tax breaks to us middle-class folks for college tuition AND for not extending tax breaks to teachers for classroom expenses, and a BIG thank you from the taxpayers of Tennessee for not extending the deduction for local and state sales tax.

Oh yeah, that suspension of habeas corpus for suspected terrorists...good show, hundreds of years of English common law and constitutional protections for the possibly innocent are so squishy-soft. God knows, if you are accused of being a terrorist, you are damn sure a terrorist. Ask the 10 folks from Gitmo who have actually been brought to trial (vs the other 690 still being held without a trial).

I'm against term limits in general for Senators and members of the House, but I am grateful that you, Senator Frist, are standing by your promise to only serve two terms. I think you'll quickly see what the rest of the country thinks of you and your leadership here in a couple of years...

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