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Dore's pound Dawgs, put Dawgs in their place, kennel the pooches, or, Man bites Dawg

I read that Georgia A.D. Vince Dooley (who must be 95 by now) was offended last week when some announcer or writer claimed that the Vols put the Dawgs in their place after whomping them badly in their football encounter. Ya gotta say now that the Dawgs are muling in the back of the doghouse now.

The score differential wasn't as bad yesterday, but I suspect the Dawgs are whimpering a lot more than the previous week, after the usually-lowly-but-uppity-Dores of West End fame kicked a winning field goal in the closing seconds of the game, which kinda put a damper on the old Dawg homecoming.

Yesterday was just a day of glory..beautiful skies full of autumn light, Oktoberfest blooming with sweet corn, beer, happy festival goers and me in my Vandy sweatshirt at our Salemtown booth looking for people in Georgia sweatshirts or hats.

Beating the University of Tennessee, aka The place that taught Albert Haynesworth how to stomp, was the happiest football day in this century for me. Yesterday's win is a pretty close second.

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