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Is it me, or is the service industry slowly descending into b-a-n-a-n-a land?

Maybe I've just been evil and the karma-kats are onto me. If you read this (thanks and watch out for YOUR karma), you know that I've been buffeted by the check-out lines at my ghetto Krogers and Walgreens and Wal-Mart, not to mention the aforementioned desk clerk at Motel 5 aka La Quinta in South Little Rock and the 'shoving' docent at Schermerhorn. Not mentioned previously are the disappearing waiter in Columbia today, the sneering glacier-like counterperson at a MacDonalds in Texarkana (don't even ask), and the guy also named John at San Antonio Taco the other day who was 8 people behind me in line, but stole my nachos off the counter and got away with it because of his name. There's more, but i hate whining.

On top of all this fun is the fact that the internet is out at our house. Comcast has issued their usual 'CYA' message of 'trouble in the area' with no promise as to when this trouble is going to be eliminated or at least mitigated.

I'm blogging from Portland Brew on Murphy road where I ordered a grilled cheese. I love the grilled cheese here at P Brew. I'm sitting outside, drinking my iced coffee, watching the guy fix my grilled cheese, put the grill cheese on my plate with a side of greens, walk out of the kitchen, tilt the plate and spill my g. cheese on the floor.

I musta been a bastard in a previous life*.

*certain relatives may have an issue with the word 'previous'.

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