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More fun with math, or maybe it really is me

When you need some supplies early in a place like Union City, you pretty much have to go to the everlasting-thru-the-end-of-time-always-open Walmart. I've not had much luck with express lanes lately and I really don't want to disparage the math skills of the peeps west of the Tennessee river, but when I was checking out this morning in the EXPRESS 20 ITEMS OR LESS lane, the woman in front of me had 28 items and individually fondled each item much as if it were the last Pace's Salsa she would ever have the privilege of purchasing. I'm sorry, 28 is not 20 or less..it's really not that close.

I guess that the poor check-out clerk at the big W is just not paid enough to bust these folks to the 150 items or less check-out lane, but I want you to know, if I'm behind you in line, and we are in an express line, I'M COUNTING YOUR ITEMS.

Be forewarned!

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