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Exxon's $$$ are safe, or, Free Coffee at the end of the world..

I'm an idiot, part I:

I ran over to the neighborhood Tiger Mart On the Run after the football game was over to pick up some fine 'gourmet' coffee. Let me 'learn' ya..If you think that something sounds stupid, like say, BLUEBERRY coffee, stay away. I didn't.

I'm an idiot, part II:
When you open up one of those Half n' Half little creamer deals, it's best to pour the contents of the creamer into your coffee cup and throw the container into the trash. If you reverse the process, it really doesn't work.

Exxon's Money is safe: Sign on the window at the 'On the Run' Mart:
Free coffee on Mondays when the Titans Win

If they really wanna give away some coffee, maybe they should change it to:

Free coffee on Mondays when the Titans cover the Spread


Free coffee on Mondays when either Albert H or Pacman doesn't do anything incredibly stupid in the previous week

actually, they wouldn't be giving away much coffee with that last one, either..

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