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Sunday's asshat competition is getting heated

I wasn't having much fun watching the Titans today because they are obviously children of a lesser football god in comparison to much of the league, including today's nemesis, the Cowboys, but my enjoyment went into negative numbers when I saw Albert Haynesworth actually stomp an opponent in the head AFTER Haynesworth had yanked the helmet off of the 'stompee' opposing center Andre Gurode. Albert will be missing a few games, most likely, and a whole lot of Benjamin's from his upcoming paycheck. I really thought Haynesworth had matured. The only Titan who benefits from this is Pacman, and that is only because he no longer is the numero uno 'bad guy'. Seriously, this was a shameful shameful episode, and I'll be curious to see how Fisher et al handle this situation.

The only thing uglier than Haynesworth today was reading a few of the IMs from Congressman Mark Foley to the 16 year old young page. If you had any doubt about the salaciousness of the exchange, read THIS. The ugliness extends to the cover-up that appears to have been ongoing for the past few months. I don't equate Foley's behaviour with any political party. If Foley had been a Democrat rather than a GOP, I have little doubt that some would decry the Dems as patrons of sexual predatry.

Which leads me to 'asshat' #3. I don't know the blogger behind Dixie Thoughts. He chooses to remain anonomous, and I respect that choice based on the reasons he enumerates on his blog. He may be a perfectly nice guy, great family man and a good neighbor, but when he paints an entire party, the Democrats, as 'HATING' children based on statistics showing the birthrate for Republicans is greater than Democrats, he deserves at least an honorary 'Asshat'. For those of us who have children and love them more than we love anything in our existence, these words are insensitive, outlandish, and just plain idiotic. For those of us who may not have children but who love their families, the words are equally hurtful. As Brittney points out in her comment to the original post, the timing couldn't be any worse, considering the news I've discussed in the previous paragraph.

Can we please refrain from making statements that contains the words '(fill in the blank) are all selfish, racist, idiots, fascists, socialists, egotists, or think that '9/11 is just about us', to quote someone else who tends to generalize. I don't care if your word is Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, white people, hispanic people, immigrants, black people, or Titans. It just isn't true, and you oughta quit the bullshit.

Thank you.

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