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Stepping up to Oktoberfest (Saturday October 14)

Tomorrow is a big day for our next-door neighborhood - Germantown. Oktoberfest is always a lot of fun including beer, brats, home tours*, beer, incredible reuben sandwiches, polka bands, jazz, beer and lotsa other good food and people watching (not to mention beer).

Salemtown Neighbors (the neighborhood association for us up in S'town) will have a booth again this year at Oktoberfest. Our booth will be set up on Monroe..so come look us up. If you identify yourself as a blogger, I'll definitely take your picture!

After you've enjoyed Germantown saunter on up 5th past Werthan and Morgan Park. Check out the new houses, the old houses, the construction and see blogging meister S-townMike's abode.

*home tours in Germantown always feature people who have great taste and who have homes that amply display said taste...

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