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More songs about buildings and coffee houses, or, take me to the river (ashland city style)

I write frequently about coffee. I, along with most other Salemtown/G'town type are hoping for a local independent coffee house here in the neighborhood. Our hopes were raised briefly by a sign in a building under construction on lower 5th (across from G'town Cafe) that promised: Coffee House Pending (which replaced the even more promising sign: Coffee House Coming). Sadly, all signs and bets are off. The window now is void of sign and promise.

We do have the Starbucks up between us and MetroCenter, and yes, I've been there more than once. Bob and Patty know me by name and know my drink...

But , today, I am talking about coffee in Ashland City, the TBG Coffeehouse, to be exact. Lynn and I gamboled up to A. City last night (see previous post for details) and landed at the TBG joint (i think the TBG stands for Truth, Beauty and Goodness) to hear some Slarti music.

TBG is the anti-Starbucks. It's not real organized. It has concrete floors and sofas you could sink into for miles and tables and booths haphazardly placed throughout the place. There are random knick-knacks on the walls and nothing you could call 'designed'. We loved it. Most importantly, the coffee was more than excellent.

But, I do have a question, and this might be for Brittney, who I believe hails from A. City...do the folks of A. City REALLY NEED a 10-freakin' shot espresso drink (i think it's called Moses)? Holy Moses, if I had drunk one of those, I'd be typing with my teeth while tap dancing to little green men playing bagpipes and kazoos. I mean, A. City has a new 'Wal-Marts' and a lot of good catfish and even more importantly, Strattons. Does it still need THAT MUCH waking up?

For what it's worth...the sound, for a largish coffee house was pretty good and well-mixed. I'm going back, but I'll probably continue to avoid the 'Moses'. I swear that drink would part your own personal sea...

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