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Mothership down, Mothership bound, lunch with my new year's resolution AND a possible Moose sighting...

I'm wishing that everyone in blogging distance who has hunger in their life for some most excellent barbecue would hie yourselves down to the Mothership around noon so that you can share my delight at meeting Emily (one of my resolutions) who happens to be the sister of pinko Malia. Actually, I think that Malia is busing in a gaggle of Cardins...I'm going to be way outnumbered! Come on down...

And tonight, we're actually thinking seriously about taking a trip to Ashland City to hear THIS GUY. I'm going to try and take the 'moses challenge' and i'm looking to cadge that free drink from Slartibartfast (whose name is not ringing so much round the cerebellum now that's it's been replaced by the theme song from Underdog i heard on a Scrubs re-run...damn that quartet!).

Anybody else heading up to the big A. City tonight?

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