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"I'm not sure of Katrina's orientation...

except possibly north(ward).."

Reverend Lane Denson today at St. Anne's Episcopal, in response to Repent America's statement that Katrina was the vengence of God against New Orleans for hosting events celebrating the gay lifestyle.

In my newly bolstered since of grace and forgiveness, I'd like to offer fund-raising efforts to purchase airfare for the Repent America Folks, and for Limbaugh and O'Reilley (both of whom in their usual blame-the-victim blather decried the fact that the folks in N.O. didn't leave when they were told, despite the fact that 20,000 of these people have no cars, and many more don't have the funds to go anywhere), so they could tell the survivors down there first hand, why they are suffering and to ask them why they didn't leave when asked.

Something we should probably all remember: Hurricanes aren't the only things that blow hard...

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