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Our booorrrrrrrrrring rooms

There is a new house going up down the street from our house. The builder/contractor conveniently taped a floor plan on the front of the house for my convenience so that when I was nosing around peering through windows I would have a better idea of what I was seeing.

After perusing the floor plan a few seconds, I discovered that, comparatively speaking, we are quite pedestrian when it comes to creative room nomenclature. The new house has a 'MASTER RETREAT' (our bedroom is merely a master but seems to be quite the retreat for dirty socks). The real kick to the head is that the new house has a 'KEEPING' room. Not only do we not possess a KEEPING room, I don't even knowwhatthehell a KEEPING room is or what one does in such a place. Apparently the builder is not aware of the 'more blessed to give than receive' bit.

Before we moved into our new house here on the North End, we had the builder convert 1/2 of our garage into what we blandly call our TV/Music Listening room/den. There has got to be a better name for a room where I can grandly (and somewhat endlessly according to some people around here) sit on my rear for hours reading blogs, listening to the Stones, watching TV or reading, but I can't seem to come up with something that raises the level of butt-sitting to the dignified strata of the new house down the street.

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